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Large Animal Veterinary Services in Purcellville

Caring for Farm Animals in Loudoun County

Dr. Mike Gast and our specialized staff at Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates offer veterinary care for domestic animals and select farm pets. We apply the same high level of care and compassion to all our animal patients, no matter what their species, breed, size, or age. Having served the local community since 1989, we have the experience, insights, and knowledge to diagnose and treat a number of ailments and injuries in order to keep your animals and pets healthy and well.

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Large Animals We Treat

As an important part of your business, organization, and family, it is vital that you keep your large animals healthy and well. We offer comprehensive exams, state of the art diagnostic techniques, and time tested treatment methods on a variety of domestic and farm animals.

We care for a number of species, such as:

  • Pigs
  • Cows
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Alpacas
  • Llamas

We’ll also look into the overall health of herds, treating both individual animals and advising you on issues that can be potentially detrimental to the herd as a whole. Our knowledgeable veterinarians in Purcellville are committed to educating clients just as much as they are dedicated to treating the animals themselves. We want to empower you to keep your animals healthy and well for years to come.

Mobile & Clinic Appointments

For your convenience, Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates offers mobile veterinary appointments for large animals. We can visit your farm, ranch, or residence when it would be hard or impossible to bring your sick or injured pet into our clinic.

We treat a wide range of ailments, including acute injuries, broken bones, pregnancy and reproductive issues, digestive issues, skin conditions, dental conditions, and much more. We can also perform surgery, when it is required to help your animal.

Call Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates at (540) 269-4656 for more information about our large animal care in Purcellville and the surrounding areas.

Tail Wagging Reviews

  • As before, they were wonderful!

    “We recently got a puppy and went to Blue Ridge Vet because this is where we had taken our three previous dogs. As before, they were wonderful!”

    - Christy
  • I Was SO Pleased with Blue Ridge

    “I was SO pleased with Blue Ridge. They took my malti-poo in as a drop-off. Within a few hours, a diagnosis was made and addresses properly.”

    - Vicki L.
  • They Kept Me Informed

    “They got my Lily in right away for an emergency. They kept me informed of everything they were doing. The staff was very friendly.”

    - Kimberly R.
  • They Love Your Pets as Much as You Do

    “I absolutely love Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates. I found out about them through the rescue we foster dogs with and I found out that their staff is amazing! They are very professional but they also love your pets as much as you do.”

    - Cynthia A.
  • Exceptional Care

    “We got a puppy and they have given exceptional care during the COVID outbreak. They have kept him up to date on all of his shots. Thank you Blue Ridge!”

    - Hope M.

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  • Your Pet Is Always Our First Priority
  • The Finest In Veterinary Care Since 1989
  • We Build Relationships With Our Clients & Their Pets
  • Available 24/7/365 to Care for Pets at All Times of Need
  • The Highest Quality of Care & Personalized Medicine
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