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Veterinary Pharmacy in Purcellville

On-Site Prescription Pick Up from Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates

Sometimes, when you bring your pet in for a checkup or appointment with our Purcellville veterinarians, we’ll recommend a medication, specific food, vitamin, or other prescription in order to help keep them healthy and well. While there are many places out there that can fill your pet’s prescriptions, it’s difficult to ensure the same high quality found at our in-house pharmacy.

We maintain a complete inventory of:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Vitamins
  • Shampoos
  • Heartworm preventatives
  • Parasiticals

To fill or refill your pet’s prescription, call (540) 269-4656.

Benefits of On-Site Pharmacy

Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates will do everything they can to meet the needs of you and your pet. We stock a wide variety of products that are trusted by our veterinarians and other veterinary professionals. In fact, we purchase our products directly from reputable manufacturers and their representatives to provide your pets with the most reliable products available.

More importantly, we offer these trusted products in a convenient on-site location so you can pick up your pet’s prescriptions immediately after their appointment, making it easier on them and you. Our veterinarians will have your pet’s medical history and can immediately spot potential conflicts. Because we are dedicated to cultivating a relationship with all of our clients, we get to know your pets inside and out, which allows us to provide comprehensive treatment. From their initial wellness checkup to picking up your pet’s prescriptions, we’ll be there for your pet’s needs.

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Tail Wagging Reviews

  • I would recommend this veterinary hospital to anyone!

    “I would recommend this veterinary hospital to anyone!”

    - Rachel T.
  • Went Above & Beyond

    “Thank you all for taking care of my Edy after her mysterious fever spike. I am so happy I trusted you for her care. And will not forget how you went above and beyond for her.”

    - Madi R.
  • Highly Recommend Them

    “Blue Ridge Animal Vet is a very good animal hospital, and they specialize in treating all kinds of animals, like my daughters hamster. I highly recommend them.”

    - Jane J.
  • Blue Ridge Was the Best Choice We Have Ever Made!

    “We recently switched to Blue Ridge and it was the best choice we have ever made! They truly care for your pet and treat them like your child. In over 25 years of being a pet owner, this is by far the best experience with a vet office I have ever had. The t”

    - Charity D.
  • The staff are very compassionate!

    “The staff are very compassionate! We brought our pet chicken in for a severe dog attack and they sutured her wounds up and did an amazing job with her. No one would help us because she is a chicken, ...”

    - Lisamarie D.

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  • Your Pet Is Always Our First Priority
  • The Finest In Veterinary Care Since 1989
  • We Build Relationships With Our Clients & Their Pets
  • Available 24/7/365 to Care for Pets at All Times of Need
  • The Highest Quality of Care & Personalized Medicine
We Put Pets First

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