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Reproduction Services Overview

Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates offers professional consultations for breeding small and large animals.

Yellow lab and puppy.
Yellow lab and puppy.

Breeder Services in Purcellville

Veterinary Reproductive Services

Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates offers professional consultations for breeding small and large animals. We counsel owners on responsible reproduction and breeding while prioritizing the health and welfare of their animals and offspring.

Call (540) 269-4656 for specific information about the International Canine Semen Bank of Virginia (ICSB of Virginia).

Pre-Breeding testing

Our Purcellville veterinarians offer comprehensive testing for your animal before you consider breeding. This includes:

  • Cardiac testing

  • Thyroid tests

  • Evaluation of the patellas

  • Dentition testing

  • Genetic DNA testing

  • Brucella canis testing

  • Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA) testing for hip and elbow issues

Fertility & Insemination

After we have tested your dog, we can provide a fertility evaluation and treatment, if needed, for both the female mate (bitch) and the stud dog. This can include progesterone testing done through our in-house laboratory or through Antech and Idexx labs.

A common issue in female dogs is pyometra, or an infection of the uterus in older, unsprayed dogs. We can treat this condition with medical therapy to prevent the need for surgery and preserve the ovaries and uterus in female breeding dogs.

If the male and/or female are found fertile and without possible reproductive issues, or after we have administered the appropriate care for any issues we’ve uncovered, Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates offers a number of insemination options.

These include:

  • Semen freezing with on-site storage

  • Fresh, chilled, and frozen semen shipment

  • Fresh, chilled, or frozen semen inseminations, either vaginally or surgically

Pregnancy, Whelping & Puppy Care

Once bred, our veterinarians prioritize the health of the mother dog and her puppies. This includes monitoring her via ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy and using radiographs to count the puppies. During whelping (birth), our veterinarians offer over-the-phone support and guidance or emergency care, if necessary. We can also plan c-sections and provide fresh or frozen plasma for compromised puppies.

After birth, neonatal health and puppy care is imperative. From wellness checks to the puppies’ first vaccinations, we do everything possible to provide the best possible care to your dog and her puppies.

Whether you need help and guidance in breeding your dog, or if you seek treatment for accidental breeding, Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates can help. Contact us today.