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Small Black Dog on Leash

About Us

Personalized Veterinary Services

You can rely on Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates to treat your pet with care, compassion, and kindness. We strive to provide thorough assistance for all our furry, feathered, and scaly friends.

We are proud to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether you’re bringing your pet in for a regular wellness checkup or for an urgent medical matter, you can rely on our Purcellville veterinary clinic to treat your pet with respect and attention to detail.

Veterinarians Holding a Rabbit and Bird

About Our Caring Purcellville Veterinarians

Serving Local Pets Since 1989

For around the clock high-quality veterinary care, you can rely on Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates.

Since 1989, we have provided excellent, affordable medical care to local pets and their families. Your pets are our first priority, always. We want both you and your pet to feel comfortable and safe every time you visit our facility.

It’s important to us that we build a long-lasting trust with you and your pet and that you know we’ll always be here for you.

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Our highly trained and compassionate veterinary team will work hard to ensure that your pet feels safe and comfortable in our hands.

We’ll take our time to get to know your family because we believe that it’s important to create and nourish a personal relationship with all our patients so that we can be sure to meet all of you and your pet’s needs. Your pet’s health and happiness comes first. No matter what they need, you can be sure that Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates is here to help.

A Brown/White Beagle (Dog) Being Examined by a Veterinarian

24/7 Emergency Veterinary Care

We are one of the few emergency hospitals in the Purcellville, VA area and we pride ourselves on providing 24/7 service for sick and injured pets. We treat a wide variety of emergency medical conditions as well as provide overnight monitoring in the event of said emergency.

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Pets We Serve

Common Household Pets

  • Dogs

  • Cats

Farm Animals

  • Goats

  • Pigs

  • Llamas

  • Sheep

Exotic Pets

  • Birds

  • Ferrets

  • Rabbits

  • Guinea Pigs

  • Hedgehogs

  • Arachnids

  • Monkeys

  • Fish

  • Sugar Gliders

  • Rodents (Rats, Hamsters, Gerbils, etc.)


  • Snakes

  • Frogs/Toads

  • Bearded Dragons

  • Chameleons

  • Geckos

  • Tortoise

  • Turtles

  • Iguanas